Friday, April 17, 2015

Curran is 11 Months!

This happy, bubbly, bright little boy is one month away from his first birthday. I can't believe its been a whole year since we moved to Washington and made our last efforts to prepare for our sweet Curran's arrival. And who knew he'd show up two weeks early!
Time. Its really somethin'. 
These days Curran is a very busy guy. He's always on the move and exploring anything he can get his hands on. As always he's attentive and interested in everything going on around him. He's loving the new xylophone grandma sent him and happily flips through books. He babbles no stop and says "woah!" a lot.
Is there anything better than skinny jeans on a baby?
 Love love love that hair. I think he really does have more than Joey! 
 The little shrimp is still rocking 3-6 month clothes, however we've had to transition him to the next size for a couple items because he needs the length. Most people have a hard time finding pants that accommodate a cloth diaper, but he is one of the few kids that actually needs it to hold his pants up!
His favorite thing right now is to push the screen door open and shut. We stand on the porch and watch him and he laughs and laughs. He never tries to leave the door but boy, that could keep him entertained for hours. He and Remy are also good buds which is so fun to see.

We love you bugaboo!

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