Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Three Months to Curran!

This handsome guy's three month birthday was yesterday!
Curran is a fun kid these days. He's a big talker and very alert and attentive. He's super strong and loves to show off to everyone at church. He's been teething for the past couple weeks so that has made for some tough days, but overall he's a very easy going, happy baby. And he's plumping up! Three months old and he's just about ready to graduate from his newborn clothes and move up to 0-3 month ones. He's pretty content to hang out in a ring sling or woven wrap, but you can tell he's definitely ready to start movin' and groovin' more and more. He's thissssclose to rolling over on to his tummy---he's going to be on the move in the blink of an eye, I just know it!
And here are some of our favorite photos of the little bub from the past couple months!
They're nothing spectacular and half of them haven't been edited in any way, but I'm kinda learning that sometimes its not about fixing every little detail and making things perfect, but just enjoying what you've got and embracing things the way they are.
So here ya go!

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  1. Hey megan, i must say i came across ur blog randomly while i was searching images n saw a stunning pic of you joey and baby curran - i spent 2 days ever since reading ur entire blog from 2011-to date! your journey has been absolutely beautiful!!!! You are so blessed and the love you share is simply heartfelt.....i am a yogi currently in pakistan.....a bio major from Virginia but, i must say your life has truly been inspiring! Keep in touch xoxo my email:


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