Thursday, July 31, 2014

Curran's Blessing.

Here's another update from June!

Curran was blessed on Father's Day last month, making for one special holiday for Joey. Being the first father in either of our families to be able to bless his own child, it meant a lot to both of us that he could give Curran his baby blessing. My mom and sister, Amy, were visiting that week and we were so glad they could be there for it as well. 

Curran's bow tie is made of lace from my wedding gown. When I was picking out my dress (three years ago next month--wow!) I knew I would want to incorporate it somehow in the blessing outfits for our future children. Luckily I had enough extra lace from the alterations that I didn't have to cut up the actual dress!
Curran was also wrapped in the Shetland Shawl we received from my grandma for our wedding. Shetland Shawls are also known as wedding ring shawls because they're knit so finely that they can be pulled through a wedding ring, and the tradition is to wear it at your wedding and then wrap your future babies in it for their christening (or in our case, blessing).
I remember when we received it I was so excited to get to use it later for our babies. In fact, whenever we left our home for vacations or extended periods of time, it was one of the few keepsakes that I made sure there was room for in our fireproof safe. Finally getting to pull it out and wrap Curran in it was such a happy moment for me. 
The little guy used to have a thing about latching on to noses if you put him near your face. He would also try to do it to Joey's cheek (but never mine) when he would burp him. In this instance, it kept him calm just long enough to take a few photos together. 
We love you, Curran Joseph!

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  1. The beginning of a beautiful loving family, sealed together forever with love. Joey, you look so much like your dad. Meagan, you look so happy holding Curran. I see many children surrounding you in the future years, a big beautiful family. :)

    Love, Aunt Sonja


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