Saturday, August 17, 2013

Excuse Us While We Eat Our Weight in Gelato.

See this? When you've got a DSLR it takes two people to take a selfie.

Well friends, 
Our bags are packed, the fridge is empty, and we are getting in some last minute snuggles with Remy before dropping her off with her foster mama---because we're going to ITALY!

I've kiiiinda been having little bursts of anxiety all morning over this. Lots of 'holy crap, we're really doing this' moments. It feels weird to go on our own without parents or professors to follow and depend on. Its just Joey and me. And that's it. But we're so so so excited for this. I mean we're pretty much going on our official honeymoon. We've saved as much as we can, we've got the time, and we're finally going. And more importantly, we're living our life. We want a child desperately, but we can't keep putting our life on hold until we have a baby, and canceling plans "just in case this is the month". At the end of the day, we've got each other, and that's what we're investing in right now.

Now we don't actually leave until tomorrow, but our first flight is pretty much before the crack of dawn and a three hour drive from here, so we're getting a head start and are going to stay at a hotel in Charlotte tonight. Then its a 9+ hour layover in Chicago, and thennnn we're finally on our way!

Everyone, we love you, and we hope you have a great couple weeks. We'll see you in 12 days!

So, "as they say in China, Arriiiiiiiivederci!"
and a thousand points to whoever knows where that's from!

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  1. Oh my gosh, y'all are so lucky! Italy has been on my travel list since I was five years old! Make sure you eat some gelato for me as well! I'm sure y'all will have an amazing time :)


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