Saturday, February 23, 2013

Date at Patriot's Point

Last Saturday we spent the morning at Patriot's Point to see the USS Yorktown, a carrier, and the USS Clamagore, a diesel submarine. It was a pretty neat experience to walk through the ships and see what it was like to serve on them!
Could you imagine making this many cookies?!

I was nervous that I would get anxious in the tiny submarine, but it actually wasn't too bad. I however definitely didn't like the beyond-narrow stairs on the carrier--most of the time I would sit and scootch down one step at a time for fear of falling forward on my face!
Also, I'd sure love one of those vintage submarine posters...

Loved being on the carrier deck!
Afterwards we had a lunch date at Brixx Pizza. Loved the artichokes and pesto! 
We also spent the afternoon revamping our pantry with Paleo-friendly foods from Whole Foods and yummy veggies from Boone Hall Farms (as well as our first bowl of the Charleston favorite, she-crab soup!). We started our modified Paleo diet last Monday and so far its going great!

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