Thursday, November 10, 2011

UO Jewelry Stand Knock-Off

Friends, I am beyond excited about this post and the little project I did this afternoon...!

Last spring I saw this jewelry stand at Urban Outfitters...

...and I simply adored it. But my wallet didn't adore the $70 price tag! Though its now on clearance for a meager $35, I still can't justify spending more on a container for my jewelry that probably doesn't cost that much combined.

And then it hit me--why don't I just make my own tea cup inspired piece?!

After delivering some pumpkin cranberry muffins to my sweet Joey, I hit up the Goodwill on the way home to find some charming cups.

I decided upon an arrangement in my mind and then got to glue-ing! Because I'm impatient and wanted to have my new piece immediately, I only used a hot glue gun instead of super glue, but it actually held up really well and is pretty secure. Though to avoid the pain of trying to get all of the glue strings off (which, no matter how hard I try, some sneak past me) and having to work super quickly, I recommend a stronger glue, if you can stand the drying time wait.

Then it was outside to the patio with some newspaper and the left over white spray paint from my DIY chandelier project. I lacquered that puppy with a couple good coats of paint, and did my best to wait for it to dry.

I love how much the white paint brought out the etching in the glass cups!

I brought it inside and filled it with pretty bobbles--which also allowed me to clean out old jewelry that I haven't touched in ages, and purging clutter and old things always makes me feel good.

The break down:
  • six glass tea cups and two glass saucers (1 of which I didn't use): $2
  • white spray paint and glue gun: already had

Total: $2.00. That's right, just two buckeroos for a jewelry stand I now love more than the original Urban Outfitters one, which again, was $70. Talk about savings!

So you see, with a little spray paint, a glue gun, and some Goodwill finds, you can create just about anything. Happy crafting!


  1. Thats pretty awesome darling:) I love this stiff and seeing your creative side always makes me smile:).

  2. Wow, Meg, that's so cute! I have lots of old teacups from my grandmothers--not worth anything much $ wise, but of sentimental value. Point is I'm not the teacup-displaying type, but this would be SO FUN!! I would still have the tea cups for sentimental reasons, they would be out in a cute way instead of store in the back of a closet somewhere, AND they would be functional...oh yeah!
    Hope you are doing well and having a blast getting ready for your wedding! It makes me think of when Stan and I were times, especially with all the military hooplah thrown in there-so fun! Anyway, your engagement pics are gorgeous and I can't wait to see your announcement! Better send us one! :)
    Love you,
    Jen Ness


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