Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tie-Dye Your Bedsheets

Ever get tired of your white bed sheets? Well, I did.

I had this stark white body pillow cover for months and it was just driving me nuts...and then I remembered a scene from some random movie from years ago in which the characters tie-dyed bed sheets.

And I knew what I was doing for the weekend.

Since Joey had never tie-dyed before, I decided it would be a fun date, so we gathered up some white shirts, my pillow case, and one of Joey's old VMI tshirts and went to town!

[Excuse the sub-par photo, the lighting in my apartment is less than ideal]

It was a strangely liberating feeling--I've always wanted to tie-dye my bed sheets, but on this day it finally occurred to me: I'm an adult, and I'm gonna do it!

What have you always wanted to do? Whether its tie-dying your bed sheets or painting your room purple--Go For It!

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