Sunday, July 17, 2011

Down Time

Everyone knows that college is hard sometimes. Bad days happen.
But that's what summer vacation is for, right?

Well, i guess i kinda forgot that you can still have bad days--heck, you can have a bad week.

Wild, ill-tempered, toddlers at work.
A harassing phone call from my parents' bank.
My car breaking down before i even pull out of my work parking lot.
Extreme dissatisfaction with my appearance.
Doctors that won't bill my insurance but bill me instead.
Perhaps unintentional but nevertheless unhelpful comments about my long engagement.

And, just feeling a little ho-hum in general.

Well friends, i had a rough week.

But, you know what'll do wonders for you after five days of unpleasantness?

Watching Harry Potter 7 pt 1 (in preparation for seeing pt 2 the next night) while curled up on the couch, in your heavenly italian yoga pants, next to your sweetheart.
Getting a good night's rest and waking up the next morning to participate in a ward service project.
Unlocking inspiration for your dreamy vintage wedding.
Going to see Harry Potter 7 pt 2, then getting pizza rolls with jalapenos and black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream for a late night snack, to enjoy while talking and laughing with the love of your life.

Its the little things sometimes, like a pint of black raspberry ice cream or watching Harry Potter, that make you happy....and an incredible fiance to share them with that makes them downright wonderful.


  1. I hate those ho-hum days! I know you're feeling better now (yay for great men, right?), but just in case:

    - You are stinkin' beautiful. If a girl tries to talk about how she knows she's beautiful (not "inner beauty," but "I have awesome hair!" or "I look super fabulous in this dress!"), other girls knock her down, so I think it becomes harder for us girls to build a really strong foundation of things we love about the way we look that we can fall back on when we have "those days." Speaking of awesome have it. Your outfits always rock. You have big, gorgeous eyes and fantastic skin. I can go on, but I'll leave the rest to Joey. ;)

    - People need to mind their own business about your engagement. I'm not even going to call it a "long" engagement, because it's only long in Mormonland. I had people balk when I told them Ricky and I were going to be engaged for five months--five!--and they sort of frowned at me as if anything past three months was unrighteous and we were obviously going to have sex and ruin everything.

    Wow, longest comment ever. In short: you rock, and I love you. I'm glad you know that Harry Potter fixes all problems. ;)

  2. dreamy vintage wedding?! Oh I am so excited! I'm sure it will be fantastic- you are so creative!


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