Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweet Yo-Yo Tricks

So, this is my boyfriend. he's pretty much the coolest.
Haha, Joey has been yo-yoing for several years and is pretty darn good. When he first told me he was a competitive yo-yoer, i was like, ok, that's cool....and then i saw his tricks. Holy cow, the things you can do with a yo-yo are insane! it was mind boggling.
So his birthday is this week, and as a gift to him i took him to compete in the Virginia State Yo-yo Competition in Richmond this past saturday. It made me so happy to see him so excited to see old yo-yo friends and to get excited about competing. He did so great and you could tell he really had so much fun.
To top it off, he won second place in the freestyle competition, and won the Virginia State Yo-Yo Champion title!!! gosh i was so proud! he is just the greatest.
So, if you've never seen serious yo-yoing, check out his video (and this one from the same competition), and prepare to be amazed!

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