Friday, January 28, 2011

Having What You Need

I saw this image on someone else's blog this morning, and it really struck a chord with me today.

There are so many things I want. I want the money I need to go to Italy in May. I want to be done with school. I want spring to be here. I want it to be May 2012 already. I want to be 20 lbs lighter. I want a pair of grey pumps. I want a spa day. I want my dad to be able to get a job. I want my boyfriend to be able to visit me on the weekdays. I want to go back to NYC. I want everything to work out....

And yet, despite the infinite list of wants, I am truly and honestly, perfectly happy--Because I have everything I need.

I have the gospel in my life. I have a relationship with my Heavenly Father. I have a family that loves me. I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for. I have the most amazing guy for a boyfriend and he loves me. I have a roof over my head and food in my belly. I have scholarships which allow me to go to a great school. I have a job I love. I have a passion for life and learning new things. I have warm clothes during this cold winter. I have a life with very few crises. I have beautiful memories of some of the great things I have done in my life.

This photo was a great reminder to me to remember that I have everything I need, and that I should be grateful for those things. I don't know if there is anyone out there that even reads the things I post, but if there is, my one recommendation at the start of this weekend, is to take five minutes today to think about all of the wonderful things that are in your life. I have found that focusing on the haves instead of the have-nots can definitely lead to a more fulfilling and happy life.

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  1. I read your blog, dearest and I love this post. Ive got a few similar to this on my blog because really there are days that you need to remind yourself of all the good that you do have. Somedays I just get discouraged by things that have happened or havent happend yet and then I remember that I do, indeed, have everything that I need even if its not everything that I want.


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