Thursday, July 9, 2015

Utah Vacation + Curran's First Haircut

Last month we took our first big trip with Curran to visit some family in Utah. We decided we wanted our main focus to be on enjoying our vacation in the moment so we didn't haul around the DSLR everywhere we went, but we did take some iPhone photos to document a little. 
 photo utah vacation 01.jpeg
The trip there didn't go exactly as we had planned. The hope was that if we left early enough (say, 2am), Curran would sleep for a while and we could make some progress tear-free. Well the sun started coming up at 3:30am, so that didn't last long. Luckily we found a rhythm with him which made the rest of the drive doable. But after 16 hours in the car, we made it!
One of our top priorities in Utah was seeing our good friend and my old roommate, Jenna. Last time we had seen her was two years ago in DC while she was on her mission, so we were very excited to see her and for her to meet Curran.
 photo utah vacation 02.jpg
We decided while we were in Utah that it was finally time. Apart from trimming his bangs (which resulted in a mini Lloyd Christmas), his hair had been left alone. I had let Curran's hair be because 1) I was weirdly proud of how much hair the little man had, and 2) I had hoped that if I gave it a little more time, all of that long hair would curl like his dad's. Unfortunately it looks like Curran got my hair because it is straight as a nail. So I finally conceded and agree to get his first haircut. He definitely wasn't happy about it, but he didn't really fight it either. 
 photo utah vacation 03.jpg
 photo utah vacation 04.jpg
 photo utah vacation 05.jpg
 photo utah vacation 06.jpg
 photo utah vacation 07.jpeg
Before || After
I miss that little ragamuffin but he is quite handsome with his big boy haircut!
 photo utah vacation 08.jpeg
The McKennas must be rubbing off on us because we are liking baseball more and more these days. We had a great time with them at a Salt Lake Bees game, despite a little rain at the beginning. Curran also did a great job sitting with us the whole game, something we weren't entirely confident in before. 
 photo utah vacation 09.jpg
A year later with our pal, Curran. Love him!
 photo utah vacation 10.jpeg
Snow cones are a big thing out there and since we don't have a place around us in Washington we definitely indulged with Jen, Lee, and Grant. Curran wasn't totally convinced but after a few minutes he decided to go for it, though I don't think it was his favorite--just more snow cone for mom and dad!
 photo utah vacation 11.jpg
Ok, I seriously love this. 
 photo utah vacation 12.jpg
Joey and I really lucked out because we got to be there when my cousin went to the temple for the first time in preparation for his mission in Nevada (less than a month! ahh!). It was really special for us to be with family in the temple too. 
 photo utah vacation 13.jpg
And bonus! Miles flew in from California for the day to be there as well. It was so good to see him after five years and to have him and Joey meet too.
 photo utah vacation 14.jpeg
 photo utah vacation 15.jpg
I think one of Joey's biggest highlights was having an In-n-Out so close. Like, we ate there 3 times in the 9 days we were there. Its just good, man. Luckily we'll be a lot closer to one soon!
 photo utah vacation 16.jpg
 photo utah vacation 17.jpg
Another must on our trip was seeing Rainey and Todd. They're some of the best people I know and I couldn't wait to introduce them to Curran. And a fun perk: Todd's dad is Elder Christofferson, so Joey got to meet him (and yoyo for him!) too. One of my favorite memories is watching Fourth of July fireworks with the Christoffersons five years ago so I was glad Joey got to meet him and his wife, and to have a neat photo for Curran's photobook too. 
 photo utah vacation 18.jpeg
Right before we left Utah, Joey and I got to celebrate our anniversary (because this happened on the actual day) in Salt Lake. My uh-mazing Aunt and Uncle watched Curran for the day while we did some baby-free shopping and enjoying a relaxing dinner at FINCA. It was the longest date we had been on without the little guy, and while it was a little weird at first, it was so nice to have some substantial time to ourselves. I still can't thank Lee and Jen enough for babysitting for us!
 photo utah vacation 19.jpg
 photo utah vacation 20.jpeg
Curran had such a great time with Grant and Lee--it made my heart so happy to see him take to them instantly. 
 photo utah vacation 21.jpg
And while he wasn't the biggest fan of Jen (which truly I don't get, because he normally loves everyone and Jen is just awesome so who wouldn't like her?), he eventually warmed up enough---until Lee or Grant walked in the door, haha!
 photo utah vacation 22.jpg
Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful week and we can't wait to see you again!

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