Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh Hey There + This One Date from Months Ago.

So its been a couple weeks.

How ya doin'?

Ya know, my first instinct is to go on about how busy and crazy life has been lately, hence the lack of writing, but that's just plain not true. I mean there have been some hectic moments recently, but I'm not gonna pretend my life is more action packed right now than it is. Honestly? I just haven't been feelin' like bloggin' lately. But hey! That's ok! Because I'm here now!

So life is different now that we're back to the usual grind. Summer is over and Joey's back to 12-14 hour days in his final school. So that's a bummer, but at least its not a total shock after having done it for six months with Power School. At the end of the month he'll start shift work, so the odd hours (which will still be 12ish every day) that'll change every seven days will be an adjustment, but we've got this. 

In a week and a half we're heading home to Lexington and Buena vista for a four day weekend, and we couldn't be more excited. We've been dying to get back there for more than just an hour or two while passing through, and we just had to go during the fall. Luckily its not as hot this year as it was last year around this time, but still. The south really has some work to do when it comes to a beautiful fall. So even though we might be catching the tail end of things in Virginia, those four days are going to be a welcome change from this place. We can't wait to be bundled up in scarves and watching the Friday VMI parade and taking a walk around SVU on Sunday afternoon, just like we used to when we were dating. Its going to be so great!

The past few days we've been reminiscing about our time up north over the summer, and how much we absolutely loved it. We still can't believe all of that was our life for two months. 

We usually try to make goals of things to see and do everywhere we go, and one of mine while in Connecticut was to see lighthouses. Somehow that one got lost in the shuffle for most of the summer, but on our last Sunday there we managed to carve out some time after dinner and between random rain showers to take a drive down to Avery Point and see three light houses in the area. Of course this dum-dum forgot her telephoto lens for the two lighthouses that are out in the ocean and only accessible by boat, so we don't have much evidence of those. But rest assured, they were beautiful. 

This little date to Avery Point was kind of the event that sealed the deal. We were walking along the coast, watching the storm clouds come and go, the waves gently rocking the dozens of sail boats, and we both just realized: we love this. I've never really had an inkling one way or another of where I'd want to settle down, but at that moment we both realized that this was what we wanted. 

That might be a long ways away, what with the whole the-military-chooses-where-they-want-you-to-live thing for the next several years, but for now we've got our two months in New England to think back to and love.  

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