Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Date Night in Lexington

Friday night, Joey took me out on a hot date in Lexington! I tell ya, I was so excited all day for our date night. There's something about actually saying, hey, we're going on a date tonight, that just makes me all smiles. Shoot--I even did my hair!

Since we're moving in less than two months, we made a list of all the things we want to do in Lexington before we move, so we decided to knock off two of our items and go to Pure Eats and Sweet Things. Mmmmm, there is nothing like a bacon cheeseburger (made with all local ingredients!) and honeydew ice cream on a summer night!

And, since I have limited self control when it comes to yummy desserts, we later had homemade chocolate creme brûlée while we watched The Dark Knight, in preparation for seeing The Dark Knight Rises the following evening.

--And yes, I will be posting the chocolate creme brûlée recipe...

Hooray for fun dates!

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